It’s like trying to get home when you’re drunk

I met some friends for lunch the other day and when asked how it was going in my new role, I said to them that it was all a bit like doing the Hokey Cokey at the moment. To put that in context, there are a number of changes that I want to see happen here which are superficially, very simple. In attempting them though, and as anybody else who has attempted to implement any type of change will know, you take a step forward, you take a step sideways and sadly, you even take steps backwards.

One of the friends that was at lunch with me summed this up a little better when he suggested that it was rather like trying to get home when you’re drunk. Let’s face it, getting home is a relatively easy thing to do (I’m assuming that you’ve not ended up in another country here…), you often come a cropper though, you might fall asleep on a bus and go past your stop; You might even just be so wobbly that when you’re walking you actually cover 3 times the amount of distance that is actually necessary. The thing to remember though I suppose, is that you get there in the end. You might even learn something along the way. Like for example, to get a taxi next time.

Having had time to reflect on the time I spent at my last company, one of the things that I’ve realised is that for me personally, it’s important to recognise the small wins. If you don’t and you spend your time just raging against the machine at large, you’re not going to do yourself any favours and really if it’s that bad, take some time away, come up with another plan and approach and start again.

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