We’re Hiring

Well, it’s been an exciting 5 weeks since joining 7digital, not just for myself but for the company too. I’m sure most of you will have seen some of the press coverage we received on Tuesday when we were the first in Europe to go 100% MP3 and DRM Free. As part of that we also announced opening up our API through our partner program.

Obviously this will increase the demand on the development team here so, as the title suggests, we’re hiring. I’m looking for a couple of Developers at this stage as well as a Software Architect. We’re not going to be able to offer the earth in terms of salaries, what we can offer you though is a very exciting company to be part of, a development team which will be changing lots over the coming months with an increased focus on quality, simplicity and agility.

We’re looking for people that are passionate about their trade, people that want the ability to make a difference and to be part of something. I really believe that my role here is to facilitate change and not to direct it, and that change should come from the people that are doing the work on the ground and that could be you.

If you’re interested, feel free to drop me a line through careers.inbox+development [at] 7digital.com or if you would prefer, contact me directly through my linkedin profile. I’m sure I can persuade you just how much fun this place is and will be to work, come on, when else would you get an opportunity to work in a place that has an Official Badge Of Awesomeness From TechDigest (See the bottom of the article.).


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