All good things come to an end

I’ve been meaning to write an end of holiday post for some time (well, since having got back) and never really got further than putting some notes in a draft. Anyway, I was about to delete it but thought that I would post a selection of my memories to be added to as and when I come across more:

  • Technology fuelled drive from Kelowna (Pilot was a wimp and bottled the landing in to Castlegar)
  • Being sat in the hostel one night and asking Read if he wanted to go for a quick 10 pints in Nothing Special and waking up the next morning and feeling, well, feeling as you would expect
  • A local riding past Rob practising switch and shouting “two words for you buddy, Hockey Pants” as Rob fell on his arse
  • Eagle (which we were reliably informed by Charles the tail guide was a Golden one) flying alongside the cat
  • Nath going stupidly big off of a lip in Roberts. Awesome, juuuust awesome.
  • Riding in conditions like this when Craig was here
  • Waste deep pow on the second cat skiing day
  • The Ford Club Wagon
  • Lifestyle in Whistler
  • Sea Kyaking in Tofino

Anyway, all good memories, I look forward to returning to Red at some point soon. I can recommend it highly to anyone that is reading this looking for an opinion. On a good day the place is great, on a great day it is unbelievable.


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