Living the lifestyle

We’re now in Tofino, Vancouver Island, having driven over from Whistler on Sunday typically, just as we left it started but we had decided that the season was over and packed our boards away already so there was no turning back.

Before leaving though, we did get a chance to experience the lifestyle in Whistler. We had moved to new accommodation when James left, the plush Summit Lodge and Spa and as it was the weekend we decided to take a day off to carry out the necessary admin tasks etc.

We walked over to the Nesters area, ably guided by Tom Tom, of course (we couldn’t have gone a day without tech now could we), dropped our stuff off at the laundrette and then grabbed a latte and sat in the morning sun. I then took myself off to the salon for a hair cut before we decided it would be sushi for lunch. Having sorted the washing out it was back to the coffee shop for another latte and some carrot cake. We then wandered in to Whistler Village for a bit of retail therapy followed up with some beers later that evening.

The drive to Vancouver Island took us through some amazing scenery, not least of all when Tom Tom guided us down about 12kms of forest service road. We spent the day on some hire bikes yesterday checking out the various beaches and some of the town which was cool. Tofino is apparently a renowned surfing spot and from what I have seen of the breaks I couldn’t argue, they’ve been quite impressive.


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