It’s not just a resort, it’s a lifestyle*

* © Rob Read 2007.

We’ve made it to Whistler having driven through some amazing countryside. We went from a snow covered town in Golden through to Kamloops on the first day which, if it had seen any snow showed no evidence of it at all when we were there, in fact just outside of town I saw some people playing golf. The following day we left Kamloops and travelled on route 99 which is the scenic route to Whistler, the scenery was incredible, I can strongly recommend the drive if you get the chance.

I’m not too sure what to make of Whistler, I expected it to be big but it’s massive, the village itself is something to behold, you could spend a day here without having any intention of going up the mountain which is where the quote from Rob came from. The terrain that the resort offers is incredible too and in some ways it looked similar to that at Red, you can see the potential here if it were a powder day. One thing I have noticed as well is that Whistler definitely has plenty of yo, there is so much sagging going on it’s unbelievable and it’s not just the youth that are at it, today Rob and I saw a couple of blokes in their late 40s who had some going on.

I’m off to the Burton store to get some of these trousers (check the listed features…).


One thought on “It’s not just a resort, it’s a lifestyle*

  1. Jim says:

    Dan, I trust you went for the LA snakeskin. Give my props to the Red Dragons brah…

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