This town is coming like a ghost town

We’ve got back from Kicking Horse and the conditions at the hill show no signs of getting any better and it seems as though people are leaving in droves.

I’ve been trying to contact Opodo to see what I can do about moving my flights but their call centre is worst than useless. Whenever I have called I have received a recorded message telling me to call back as they are experiencing high volume of calls, Nathan did manage to make it through today only to spend in excess of half an hour on hold. We ended up talking direct to BA anyway and Nathan has been able to move his, however, I was told that even though they are the same tickets, booked through the same people, because I booked mine earlier I have been given a non transferable one. Top chimping from Opodo. I’m going to stay up late tonight and see if I can get through on the phone.

Rob is moving on too but to another resort, if I can’t change my flights I’ll be joining him too, Whistler had 50cms yesterday, so we’d probably be starting there and then potentially moving on to do a couple of days at Grouse and Seymour respectively. All of this riding will be tempered somewhat by my knee which is still in quite a bit of pain. I did a few runs today and even having dosed myself up on Ibuprofen before going I could still feel it twinging throughout the day.


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