Just another day of pow at the horse…

Is what the white board at the bottom of the gondola reported on Tuesday and Wednesday and they weren’t wrong.

Monday morning held a lot of promise, there had been about 30cms overnight on Sunday and there was more snow forecast to fall, we were already grinning. Unfortunately though the Gondola stayed closed due to high winds. We stayed and rode the Quad lift here pretty much all day to get the legs back, it was a good day with lots of fun. All the lift closure really meant was that the powder would be even deeper the next day.

Kicking Horse from what I can see is made up of a number of bowls which are accessed by various ridge lines. The surrounding scenery is incredible. Everything here is very clean and polished, a big contrast to Red, there is a huge amount of terrain, though not as varied as at Red and  I must confess, I have found myself thinking that I wouldn’t want to do a season here, I think I might get bored. I think that Red is definitely the more rounded package. I hope that as and when the investment comes to Red it doesn’t spoil the nature of the resort too much.

The hostel here doesn’t disappoint either, it’s an amazing building built from wood with really high ceilings and big fire places. I can recommend it highly.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent riding said bowls and in said powder, definitely worth the drive.

Today was a bit of a lazy day for me, sadly my knee is really hurting again which meant that I only ended up doing a few runs before going for coffee and carrot cake. I’ve stocked up on more Ibuprofen though which will hopefully see me through the trip.

There’s 20 cms due tomorrow which will make for more good but a hard decision to depart on Saturday. On the flip side though, Kathleen the owner of the hostel in Rossland has managed to secure us each a ticket to a BC DC gig. So we’ll be rocking out.

I’ve uploaded a few more photos to my Flickr account taken in and around Golden / Kicking Horse, check them out.


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