In The Case of Rough Versus Tree…

The tree won. Obviously.

I’ve sustained another injury, this time with a bit more of a story to it. I was riding with Nathan, Craig and a bloke from the hostel Richard, in a set of trees that we know as Stu’s Run, there’d been another 15 cms or so of snow overnight and so I was finding whatever I could to pop off of.

Richard highlighted a jump to Nathan and I, he rode at it first and landed in a heap on the other side, still smiling as there was so much powder to fall in to. Nathan was up next, caught some nice air and rode it out before falling and then to my turn. I’d paid attention to the speed people were taking this time (after the last time, when I hit a lip in Mini Bowls at warp speed and twisted my ankle on landing). Anyway, I got some fairly nice air, landed it and rode out like a hero. Or so I thought, I went in to a heel side turn and didn’t see a small tree poking up. My board went one side of it and my body the other, my front knee taking the full impact.

It hurt so much that I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I couldn’t move for a couple of minutes, in fact Nathan had to release my bindings for me. Not pleasant. I finished off the run and then took Long Squaw home.

It was still an amazing day with plenty of bottomless turns and grins all round.

Today has been less eventful. There was 25cms of snow overnight and it’s snowed all day and I have been sat in the hostel resting and contemplating whether or not I should go Cat Skiing tomorrow. I’ve decided to go, we’ve just spoken to them about a lift in the morning. In their words “It’s deep, mount your bindings back and bring a snorkel.”

I love this place.


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