Canadians have a tendency to use the word Awesome to describe anything remotely better than ok. Today however, when in lift queues I heard a couple of people describe the conditions as Epic. They were not wrong. In the last 4 days we’ve had about 60cms of snow.

I met Craig and his mate Mike this morning and with the weekenders gone there were hardly any other people about. At the top of Motherlode we headed for Powderfields, at the top there were perhaps 2 or 3 other sets of tracks leading down the hill so we got fresh lines all the way down, at points the snow was over my knees. I’ve said previously that from this trip I wanted at least one powder day and one faceshot. Well the powder days have been plentiful and this morning I got faceshot after faceshot, so many that I stopped counting.

Anyway, the run down was so good that we decided to do another there and then we followed that up with a couple down Orchards which again was just perfect with maybe 6 people having ventured down it before us.

After a quick blast down Mini Bowls I met with Rob and Nathan for some lunch at the Paradise Lodge. After that we headed to Short Squaw, a run that had been recommended by a local and that didn’t disappoint with yet more of the good stuff. I think we did another 5 or 6 runs, each time managing to find fresh tracks before calling it quits at about 3.

I might have said previously that I’d experienced my best day on a snowboard, they’re actually getting hard to distinguish between at the moment, I would have to say though that today currently ranks up there as number 1. I do hope that I get to experience more days like this. If I don’t though, so be it, I’m happy to have been able to experience the ones that I’ve had so far.


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