The Good, The Bad And Well, The Good

The title pretty much describes my last 3 days.

On Thursday we only did 2 runs. We hiked up Mt Roberts twice, the snow was incredible, it took us about an hour to get to the top on the first go, we lunched up there and it was freezing, I mean really cold, my gloves froze up to the extent that they were solid but oh my goodness was it worth it. We dropped off the ridge and in to at least knee deep powder, I got some amazing turns in and even managed to find a couple of lips to drop in off of. I got down to the Paradise Chair and was grinning like a Chessire Cat. It was incredible.

The second turn however was a little more arduous. The legs were burning, the sweat was pouring, my legs were telling me to stop walking, my mind was telling me to carry on… Again though we got to the top and turned in fresh powder, our tracks already covered from the previous run. I will never get bored of this.

We had an amazing day, another best day ever on a snowboard.

Friday came round and we did a few easy runs as there had been some drinking the night before. I think I did one run and decided that I was not an active participant in my eventual emergence at the bottom of the hill so I retired to the Rock Lodge for a bacon and egg bagel followed by a Cheese Burger all washed down with lots of good coffee. Satiated and when the rest of the boys turned up I suggested that we try the hike up Gray Mountain. The hike was incredible, I’m really starting to get in to this touring, if I continue though I will definitely be purchasing some snow shoes. What wasn’t so incredible though was us getting a little lost in the depths of the forest that we rode in to and it taking us a couple of hours to walk ourselves out. There were a few lessons learnt yesterday.

Today however made up for all of our troubles yesterday, we went to the pub last night for some food to celebrate our day and watched 17cms of snow fall in about 3 hours. It was incredible. Today was amazing, we’ve done about 8 or 9 runs, maybe a few more, my legs are aching but the smile is back and with another 20cms due tonight I don’t think it will be dissapearing for a while.


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