Ugly Duckling

So Saturday came round and with it our first day’s Cat Skiing with Big Red Cats. As I mentioned the other day we had about 10 cms of snow on Friday which made it all the more promising. We weren’t to be disappointed. We were picked up from the hostel at 7.20, a little bit of a rude awakening now that I’ve well and truly got in to holiday mode but still. We got to the hill and were given our Avalanche Transceiver briefing then we loaded in to the vans for the half an hour drive to their base. Once there the kit was transferred to the cats and off we went. The first trip was another half an hour or so. We did about 9 runs through some lovely powder and I even managed to get a face shot in which is something that I have always wanted to do on a snowboard. The day was fantastic, run well and we were well looked after. I look forward to the next one in March.

For the last couple of weeks or so I’ve been experimenting with my stance a little resulting in me riding with a pretty duck stance, mainly because I wanted to try riding switch but also because it’s good to experiment with these things. Anyway, I took Friday off on account of my knee, to give it a chance to rest up before the cat skiing and as Rob’s board was in the repair shop he borrowed mine. He came back at lunch time as he was having such an issue riding it and said that I should consider moving the back binding back in. After some consideration I did so. It’s made a lot of difference, I can hold a heel edge a lot easier in a straight line and it would appear that it is also putting less pressure on the knee which means that for the first time in a while the knee feels ok which is good news.

It was Brian’s, the hostel owners Birthday on Saturday which meant a big night for the hostel, we got ourselves warmed up with some Calimochos before heading over the road to Nowhere Special the local bar. Suffice to say that we all drank a little too much, I did some dancing (never a good sign) and probably spoke a lot of rubbish at anyone that was prepared to listen (perhaps those that weren’t prepared as well). I was found wandering round the hostel late at night by Ali who steered me to my room and showed me my bed before I accused her of poking me in the eye. She hadn’t. More rubbish. Sunday was spent moping round feeling sorry for ourselves. I’m never drinking again. Until the next time that is. At least I can be glad of one thing, there were no tubes / buses to fall asleep on / lose belts / gain action men etc etc…


4 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling

  1. Jim says:

    Glad you got the face shot, Dan. And save the duck stance for piste cruising. Very envious of you guys – we’re off to Davos for a whole WEEK on Sat. Snow not brilliant but it’ll be great to get back on a board and spend a bit of time with Tobes & BDT. Say hi to Bri for me – weird, he probably barely remembers me but knows loads of my mates…Anyways, shouldn’t Tunbridge Wells be twinned with Rossland by now?

  2. danrough says:

    Yeah I reckon it should, I’ll certainly be singing this places praises when I get back. We’re 3 and a bit weeks in and having a great time.

    1 week is better than nothing particularly when you get to spend some time with your mates.

    Have a great trip, look forward to catching up for a beer when I get back.

  3. Abi Rees says:

    Hi Dan,

    I hope your knee is holding up – maybe a little less disco dancin’ and more snow boarding??? Glad to know Canada has had a taste of your drunken monkey dancing and have survived! The pictures are incredible -it looks fookin cold but stunning. Seen any Yogi’s? if you do hang on to your picnic basket young man. I’m seeing the old dear this weekend so I’ll say hi and tell her to post you a message if she hasn’t already. Take care, lots of love from your big sister. xx

  4. Jim says:

    Roberts looked epic! Sounds like you’re having a ball. Stretch properly and don’t get injured. D’oh! Now I sound like your parent.

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