All good things come to those who wait

It’s been a few days since my last update, so a quick round up is in order.

As I mentioned the other day we had about 10 cms of snow the other day and upholding a promise to us Ali and Phil took us out for a tour of the best areas in the powder on the mountain. We did a number of runs, all of which were a lot of fun but with the Paradise Chair down a long run out to the Motherlode chair for the return trip to the top of the mountain. Luckily the chair happened to reopen when we were at the lodge for some refreshments so we all finished up and raced down to gain access to some of the terrain that wouldn’t have been tracked out. We rode a groomer down to the lift and put some fresh tracks down which was a lot of fun and then hit a couple of more runs before our last of the day down Beer Belly. Rob, being the internerd that he is took his GPS device out with him and recorded our data from that data to allow him to load it up in to Google Earth. The picture of our route can be found on his post here.

Yesterday we went up quite late, I took the first lift to the hill which turned out nicely, when the next person stopped Rob stuck his board in the back of the van, he then told Rob that he would have to get in the back, thinking that he could sit in the back of the cab Rob made for the front door only for the driver to say “no, no, the back” as I understand it, the 15 minute drive to the hill was cold, very dark and a completely new experience for Rob. I’ll be sure to be mindful when hitching next time. Anyway, I think we ended up doing 3 runs before calling it quits for the day, we did the hike up to Wolf Ridge again and the conditions were ok but not as good as we had expected, I think both Nathan and Rob left some dummies / toys on there somewhere at various stages of the descent. The hike slightly exacerbated my knee so I called an early halt to the day. I think a trip to the doctors is in order, I will make an appointment for Monday.

The good news though is that there was another 10 cms or so last night with another 5 – 15 due to fall today, I am sat here in the hostel now as I have chosen to take today off to rest my knee before our day with Big Red Cats tomorrow. The forecast is for blue skies tomorrow, which with all of this new snow will make for an amazing day I am sure, I will update you all on my return.


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