Back in Black

After the hill received around 10 cms of fresh there was nothing that was going to keep me in the hostel for another day, so I ventured back up to the hill.

What a day it was, we did a run down Long Squaw so that I could see how my knee was holding up and it seemed fine so we went up and did Couloirs, then Beer Belly and then having been split up from Rob and Julian I met with Phil and Ali the people running the hostel and did Oil Cans all of which were tree runs with plenty of fresh powder to be had. I spent a lot of time on my arse but did get some really nice turns in in deep powder. I can safely say that today has been the best day I have had on a snowboard so far. I came off the hill at about 2 with that really nice warm afterglow and a very big grin on my face.

The knee has swollen up a bit this evening and is a little painful but it was snowing as I left the hill and there is quite a bit more forecast for tomorrow so I will not be staying back here with the prospect of another day like today.

I came away on this trip just wanting one good day on a hill and to be able to get a wall of powder up from a heelside turn, whilst I didn’t fulfill the latter, I certainly did the first expectation and I now I just want more and more.

We’ve got a day with Big Red Cats on Friday which I am looking forward to immensley so I will stay in the trees tomorrow to try and get some practice in.


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