Day 2

Not quite in the Big Brother House but in the Hostel as part of my enforced absence from snowboarding.

The knee is feeling a little better if perhaps a little stiff still, maybe I’ll make it up there for a couple of hours to see how it goes tomorrow.

Really, there is nothing else to report other than that I’ve done a lot of reading and a lot of playing on the Ms. Pac Man Table that they have here.


3 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. The Freemanator says:

    Bummer to hear you’ve fooked your knee dude – take it easy for a while and chill. Plenty more days ahead!

  2. danrough says:

    Will do Tim, thanks. There’s a bloke who’s just done a 5 weeks stint as a wintersports doctors in Whistler staying here at the moment, he had a look and gave me some exercises to try which will indicate whether it’s ready to be ridden on again.

    He also said though that I need to get it will probably be another couple of days. To be honest, the way the conditions are currently, I am not missing much.

  3. danrough says:

    Met Brian for the first time properly tonight, Julian has been educating him in the ways of the ridge, and Brian has been imparting his Ms Pac Man knowledge. I did say in that post that Rossland wasn’t ready for him, I do hope that Brian isn’t left scarred from the episode.

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