The Circus Rolls In To Town

I got a great email from a friend of mine giving me some good feedback on the work related posts that I have made in the past. It got me thinking about some of the things that I have written about over the last 3 months or so.

Before starting this blog I had read Agile Project Management With Scrum and attended a Certified Scrum Master Course run by Conchango and delivered by Mike Cohn. I was then given a great opportunity to practice what I had been preaching. A daunting prospect at the time but when I reflect upon the experience, I realise that I enjoyed it a lot and, in my opinion, the project was largely successful. I do realise that it wasn’t all down to me, the team that delivered the software were largely responsible for it’s success.

I now find myself subscribing to a number of different blogs, having read more books and of course, having had some first hand experience. At the moment I am reading Extreme Programming Explained. I started on chapter 8 this morning and in light of the email that I referred to above it was interesting. In my reply to the email I said that I find a lack of willing at my company to change frustrating. I actually think that that is untrue of recent times, there is some change happening, it’s just taking a little longer to be realised. The author, Kent Beck states that “It’s easy start to change by changing one thing at a time. I think it’s hard to jump in and do all the practices, embrace all the values, and apply all the principles”.

My attitude has always been to dive straight in and learn whilst you go, this is true of the way I use a piece of new technology or software in fact (I do admit though that I do turn to the manual after a while.) and I find it frustrating sometimes that others are not willing to follow my lead, hence the statement above really struck a chord. It’s not that people aren’t willing to change (well, there are some) it’s just that they are mature enough to see that it takes time.

Interestingly, I sat in a meeting prior to my departure for Canada with somebody and, if I remember correctly he said to me that I had presented a real problem for some people to deal with (he was referring to the fact that I had run a project in a very different manner to which we as an IT division would normally do so.). I came out of that meeting a little miffed because I didn’t think that I had presented a problem but a solution, in hindsight though I now think I understand what he meant.

It’s strange, I’ve been out here for nearly a couple of weeks and whilst I am not missing work, I am missing the prospect of being part of the change that is taking place.


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