Silly boy

Phil and Ali that are running the Mountain Shadow Hostel here in Red kindly took us out for a couple of runs this morning, whilst the conditions were still poor we had a good time, we stopped at the Paradide Lodge for some lunch and then went our own ways. We’d already done a couple of really nice runs on Red itself in the morning and this may sound funny but I found myself going faster because I knew they wouldn’t be waiting for me. We also met with one of Musky’s mates Mike. All three of them were incredibly good riders, I had felt a little nervous about slowing them up when they first suggested it but they were happy buttering at the side of the piste and pulling the odd drop here and there, all in all a good morning anyway and it certainly pushed me a little which is a good thing.

After lunch we took a run down Long Squaw in to Northern Belle and then on to the Motherlode Chair at which point my day changed. On the unload I didn’t quite get myself set up properly and ended up falling over. In the process I managed to twist my already tender knee and as a result, at this moment in time, am in quite a lot of pain. Still, we went to the Flying Steam Shovel pub and got some anaesthetic. Always works for me.

It’s loooking highly unlikely, even with the prospect of fresh snow tomorrow that I will be able to make it up in the morning, my knee is twice it’s normal size and I am barely able to walk on it without inducing some pain. I’ve been taking it a bit easy so as not to ruin my trip to early on, I feel so silly to now be sat here having done what I have done.


2 thoughts on “Silly boy

  1. Louie says:

    Hey Dan – Hope the knee gets better quickly. You’re really missing the great conditions back home right now. We’ve had 10cm of fresh powder over night. OK so most of it has melted by now, unless you like back slush, but the schools are closed and the trains aren’t working either. I tell you its been radical dude.

  2. danrough says:

    How’s it going Louie? We’re due some snow today which makes my enforced absence even worse, still it’s meant to snow for the next 4 or 5 days, better to rest up now and catch the end of it than miss the entire lot.

    Send my love to Kelly, Molly and the bump.


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