One down, two to go?

A late start today and an early finish which was probably a good thing, my knee has started to hurt so I have taken to wearing a support but also because the heat during the day has been melting the slow slightly, meaning that it refreezes over night leading to fairly miserable conditions first thing and heavy moist stuff in the afternoon.

I’ve seen a lovely bowl over a ridge that we ride past every so often, it looks as though it would be a serious hike but definitely worth it, I might well see if any of the others fancy going up early in the morning for first lifts and doing that.

Rob and Nathan both ordered their Avalanche Kit today and I picked up a Shovel and Probe having already bought a Mammut Pulse in the UK, we’ve got our first day with Big Red Cats on the 16th so we’ll need to get some practice in using them before then.

How does this all tie in to the title? It doesn’t, the reason for the title is that Rob today shaved his beard off whilst Nathan and I are still persevering with ours. I must confess though, every time my beard itches, which it does quite often, I consider shaving it off too.


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