Not so good

We were all up early this morning hoping for a powder day. We were dissapointed to find that the inversion was back, it was -3 at the base and +5 at the top. It was also apparent that it had rained over night meaning that the powder from yesterday had turned in to a hard packed ice. The day’s riding was unpleasant and I called it quits at lunch time, I hitched back to the hostel getting a lift from a nice couple who opinion of the conditions were pretty similar to mine. All in all a shame, it’s 17.15 here at the moment and it’s raining in town which I am taking as not being a good indication for tomorrow, still we’ll go up and see how it goes.


5 thoughts on “Not so good

  1. tim says:

    and i thought Nathan was a dosser but danielson you are D man

  2. JJ says:

    RP, RP…loving the blog – only just got to access it today!

    Reading your experience to date I have laughed out loud – particularly the airport section and non computing of your 71 day trip – hilarious.

    Can’t wait to hear more….missing you like the proverbial hole in the…

    jj x

  3. danrough says:

    Tim, thanks, it’s something that I’ve been working hard on for some time now.

    Jilly, check back soon, the feeling is shared dear…

  4. The Freemanator says:

    God damn nerd. Get on the hill you pussy!

    P.S. take care on those hikes boys, I hope you’re reading the avalanche bulletins, talking to the locals and wearing pieps!

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