Today Was A Good Day

No, I didn’t have to use my AK, well, I did use my jacket which is an AK but I suspect that Ice Cube was singing about something else.

Today was a good day for us as it snowed all day long. The weather front that we were expecting to drop today though is now meant to come in on Wednesday.

We did the hike that we did yesterday again I got to witness Julian spitting his dummy in quite a major way, muttering under his breath “I didn’t pay 300 bloody dollars just to walk up the bloody hill”. On the way down I argued with more trees than I actually managed to avoid but still got some sweet turns in so emerged smiling.

Rob didn’t quite make it as he out performed everyone on the Shiraz drinking front, there’ll be plenty of soft stuff for us all to enjoy tomorrow anyway, perhaps he’s done himself a favour taking a rest day before hand.


One thought on “Today Was A Good Day

  1. Rob Read says:

    I blame my cancelled appearance on the mountain squarely on monkey boy Fernandes and his early evening snow boarding preparation formula of B52s.

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