The Monkey Man Commeth…

We spent our first Saturday on the hill today, there were some queues but still nothing like you would find in Europe.

We had a great day, we did our first hike in to the back country and it was beautiful, there was a lot of sweat and a lot of huffing and puffing (particularly from Read). We got to the top and we stopped for about 10 minutes to take in the surroundings before setting off on our ride, we couldn’t hear anything but ourselves, the air was so still and it seemed like the 3 of us were the only people for miles.

The photos that we took are below, unfortunately my digital camera has bitten the dust so my pictures will be a little more spaced out… i.e. they’ll have to wait until I get them developed and then scanned in (yes ther are people that still use film…), still, it brings me closer to buying a digital SLR, something that I have been trying to avoid for some time.

I Hear Some Huffing

It was exactly this sort of experience that I came for, so different to what I normally experience in London. To get to where we were we had ridden down from the top of Motherlode until the top of Rino’s Run (formerly Long Squaw) and then dropped down in to the gully below where we took the boards off and strapped them to the back packs.

Julian turned up today and with him came 4.5 litres of Shiraz. Things will never change will they.

His arrival has also bought a bit of mellancoly on too. It’s strange. I have 2 great friends here and yet another one turns up and I miss home and in particular Pole.

Tomorrow will be the first day on the hill for Fernandes, I waxed and edged his board for him today and you know what, I’m getting in to it, I always used to shy away from servicing my bike and then when I bought the Santa Cruz I started paying more attention, particularly after the lot at mediasterling kindly bought me a bike stand as a leaving present and now I take enjoyment from doing something like that.


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