We built this city on Rock and Roll…

We ventured up to the hill a little late today after having a couple of beers in the newly opened bar across from the Hostel. It was snowing on the lower elevations and blue bird up top, described to us as an inversion by one of the locals. Whatever, there’s meant to be some snow coming on Sunday, what’s more, it’s expected to stay around for a week. To say that I am excited is an understatement.

One thing that has not ceased to amaze me since having arrived in Canada is how much the Canadians like to rock, I mean, everywhere I go I hear some form of rock music, they seem to like music that you would find on the power ballards albums that get released in time for Christmas for kids to buy their unsuspecting Dads. The current theme tune to our holiday, and it has become our theme tune only because it is always on at the lodges that we stop at is More Than A Feeling.

Having waxed the board last night I did indeed notice a difference today, it went faster, I ended up on my arse more often.

This led to my most fantastic stack on a snowboard to date. Riding through some fairly tracked out powder to the side of one of the pistes I pulled a fairly sweet toeside turn which yielded a lot of spray, however, as I came round on to the heelside the nose dug in and I ended up somesaulting and landing on my back somehow, my momentum carried me on a little and I watched my feet with the board attached, travelling over my head, almost in slow motion, until I ended up on my knees looking as though I was ready to set off again. It was so good that a couple of locals stopped to congratulate me. I rode off with my tail between my legs.

Monkey boy turns up tomorrow, we rang him today, I really don’t think that Rossland is ready for him. It should prove to be an interesting couple of weeks.


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