Today, we went to Trail. Trail is a town that I can only describe to you as Deliverance meets Bexhill on Sea. Weird. It’s famed for the largest zinc mine in BC, probably the world.

The purpose of the visit to Trail was for me to get a haircut, Rob suggested that I get a Top Gun, I declined and we left. We did however stop to take in the local waneeta mall. More weirdness.

To update you on the riding that we’ve been doing, there’s been no new snow recently but there’s some promised for Sunday onwards. Rob and I have been trying to ride switch without much success. One of the locals rode past Rob on his arse yesterday and said “I’ve got 2 words for you buddy… HOCKEY PANTS”. I nearly fell over with laughter. Nice bloke though, he stopped and spoke to us for a while and gave us a heads up on where to head for on the hill.

We waxed the boards tonight ready for another day on the hill tomorrow, there’ll be no excuse for my slowness tomorrow other than my lack of talent. I look forward to it though.

I took the film camera with me today so no new photos but I will update with some more soon.


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