Sprint 2: Lessons Learned

Following on from my post last week, here’s what I noted as lessons learned from Sprint 2.

  • Having a Proposition Up Front Will Aid the First Week of Planning (Pt. 2): I said last week that this would aid planning, I should have added requirements gathering too. I think the real lesson though is that I need to understand what the idea is and how far advanced it is. I had initially thought that if, like this project there was no clear idea / proposition that the project should be given an additional week to go through a rapid ideas generation period. On reflection though, where does that end? Will I eventually be prescribing that we put together a proposal and then go in to a design phase and then in to a develop phase and then in to testing? Frightening. The answer, well, I’m still unsure, my current thinking is that I need to consider any future projects like this thoroughly before the first week and tailor that week accordingly.
  • A Small Self Organising Team Can React To Change Quickly and Effectively: This one sounds quite obvious, and it is, to see it happen in front of you or at least to hear somebody suggest that the team switch tack completely is quite something to witness. This brings a number of other lessons yet to be learned I am sure, for example, controlling the frequency of change.

There are a couple of other things which I haven’t mentioned, I’m currently composing a couple of articles one of which I intend to post soon about Analysis and Scrum.


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