To be or not to be?

After our proposition was signed off on Friday the team sat down, as I mentioned and drew up a revised Product Backlog (This may not be a strictly orthodox thing to do but it seemed the right thing to do for the team.) as we did so it started to dawn on me how much work would be required of the Analyst that is working on the team.

I had a chat with her today and said that I was aware of the fact that a lot was being asked of her and that my primary concern was to make sure that she would be able to focus her efforts towards the goal of the project. I asked her to have a think about whether she could do both roles at the same time. I did this as I thought that sharing her time between the Product Owner role and Analyst role would mean that she would be spread too thin to deliver effectively on either. This is no indication of her ability at all, if anything, it is more a failure on my behalf to properly understand the tasks that she would need to undertake for the delivery team and exactly how much is involved in the role of a Product Owner.

Definitely something for my lessons learned for this week…


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