What a difference a day makes

Two things of note happened yesterday, firstly, in our second Show and Tell we showed the Steering Group and one of the sponsors the application thus far. We showed all the functionality that we had committed to deliver in the sprint bar forgotten password. I am so impressed with the delivery team’s accomplishments this week. The impression that I got from the Steering Group was that they were impressed too. It really focussed people on what we were doing too, I can see these Show and Tells working really well going forward as a vehicle which solicites feedback, particularly when the designer starts looking at the branding of the application for example.

Secondly, a decision has been made on the proposition. Anyone who has read any of my previous posts will realise that the fact that one hadn’t existed until now has been a concern. The delivery team got together after the Show and Tell to do the planning session for Sprint 3, one of the Steering Group joined us too. We reviewed the Product Backlog as it stood, however, it was thought that with a proposition it would be an idea to start with that and quickly note the requirements presented to us. Within half an hour we had in excess of 50 items on the Backlog all of which corresponded to functionality required to deliver the site. There were also a number of non functional requirements. This was fantastic, the team decided what functionality it was going to deliver in the next sprint, I have every confidence in their ability to be able to do that and more, we have another developer joining the team on Tuesday / Wednesday next week so it’s possible that we’ll take some more items from the Backlog and include them in the Sprint too.

By way of an introduction for the developer that will join us I intend to run another estimating session for the new items on the Backlog, as I mentioned before, we used Planning Poker which, at the time surprised me how much it served to aid everybody’s understanding of the requirement, I had played it when I did the Certified Scrum Master course and whilst I understood why it would be useful I was sceptical about how our teams would react to playing a game. I think that running that session will involve him in to the team and also get him up to speed on the task in hand.


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