True Agility?

As I’ve mentioned previously we’re struggling at the moment without a proposition or at least clear focus on what the target audience of our product is. What we have had from the outset however, is 2 objectives that we have been working towards. Without wanting to divulge too much, the objectives are 1, to develop a generic toolset that could be used on a number of platforms and 2, to launch a site using those tools.

Up until now the direction that I have been giving the team is that they should focus on the second objective and that having identified some tools to achieve that, we could then establish another piece of work to make sure the tools could be used elsewhere.

The delivery team had a meeting today to discuss the lack of a proposition. There have been a couple of ideas that the steering group have been touting but the team here feel that they don’t live up to much. There is however, an idea that is outside the scope of this project which is in fact possibly being lined up for another Skunkworks project, the idea is well developed and we could very easily work from it. The developer here mentioned another possible way to approach this project, he suggested that rather than focussing on objective 2 we should change our focus to objective 1 and let the steering group worry about the second.

Both ideas are great and I would happily run with both, the second however has a lot more to say for itself about the way we are currently working. Personally, I think that it shows that small, self organising teams that understand the business objectives and have direct access to the business can offer some huge benefits, this team, given 2 objectives has been working towards one and semi ignoring the other, today in the meeting one of the team suggested that we change direction, to hear the suggestion alone is fantastic, what’s more, we could easily do it.


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