When does an Issue become a Crisis?

There has been a known issue on this project from the outset, I have listed it in the Risk Register and monitored the Delivery Team’s perception of how much it was an issue.

Last week everyone understood that the issue, which is that we don’t have a clear understanding of who we are delivering to and furthermore of what it is that we’re delivering, was going to be the subject of discussions amongst the steering group and others that input in to that. We hoped that we would get an answer as early as possible. The answers to the above are still not forthcoming.

In yesterday’s Daily Stand Up the designer mentioned that whilst she had some work to do she would probably not be able to occupy a full day with project related work, I was not too bothered by this as the developer then went on to say that he might have need to discuss some of the prototyped screens with her.

This morning in the Daily Stand Up the designer said that she would struggle to fill her day with project related work again, the team member that we have from the business who is carrying out the analysis for us mentioned that she is starting to struggle too.

This afternoon a discussion was taking place between the developer, the designer and the analyst the essence of which was that they were all starting to struggle without this information.

I listened to the conversation and I am now meeting with the sponsor of the project to try and get some information as soon as possible. I remarked during the conversation though that I was surprised at how quickly this has moved from being an Issue to a Crisis.

Somebody then said to me, “I guess that on a project running in an 8 week timescale everything happens in condensed timeframes.”. How very true.


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