Pastoral Care versus Project Care

Tuesdays are the days that I have elected to carry out my 1-2-1s. I have about 12 to do and I run them staggered over 3 weeks every 3 weeks meaning that every week I will do 4 or 5. I carried them out last week during our first Sprint and they didn’t really interfere with the work that I had allocated to myself in relation to the project.

Today I had 4 to do, each of half an hour. I wondered how this would affect my ability to manage the delivery team. Well, it didn’t, I came in in the morning and we did the stand up meeting from which I took a number of actions and then off I went to the 1-2-1s, periodically checking throughout the day on how the team were doing.

On the note of the Stand Ups, the delivery team are starting to settle in to them, whether the benefit is clear to them or not at the moment is unclear, it is something that I will be asking about in our Retrospective at the end of the week. I personally think they work really well on 2 levels, primarily they give somebody in my capacity a very clear understanding of what obstacles people are experiencing and therefore, what I need to be doing. Secondly, and just as importantly, they ensure everyone on the delivery team knows what the other members are doing.


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