Sprint 1: Lessons learned

I thought that it would be an idea to keep a log of the lessons that I have learned whilst the Skunkworks project I am working on is running.

  • The Development Stream Needs to be Front Loaded with an Analysis Stream: I’m still unsure whether I believe this or not, I need to read up on it some more. I’ve always thought that there would be other tasks that the developer(s) could be doing while some of the necessary analysis is carried out, I also think that analysis is kept to a minimum when using an approach of this nature and that the feedback from the customer is used to do analysis going forward. (If anyone has any ideas on this I would like to hear them.)
  • Having a Proposition Up Front Will Aid the First Week of Planning: This is a little more clear, if everyone is able to understand the business objective they will be able to start asking the right questions from the outset.

2 thoughts on “Sprint 1: Lessons learned

  1. […] Following on from my post last week, here’s what I noted as lessons learned from Sprint 2. […]

  2. […] This ties in very nicely with what I mentioned in my first Lessons Learned post about the Development Stream needing to be front loaded with an Analysis Stream. How analysis and Scrum fitted together had been bothering me for a little while, I’ve actually been constructing a longer post on the subject as I thought that it was worthy of a separate post. The team have chosen to do the Analysis Session on a Wednesday afternoon allowing the Analyst to then have 2 days to produce something for the Sprint Planning session at the end of the week, it also allows them Thursday morning to carry on if they need to overrun. […]

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