Monday, Monday

Well, what a day. Our developer was here for an hour today before his hard drive decided to take some time out. Up until now I’ve been able to tackle most of the issues that the team have encountered, not this one, I got him a new machine from which to work on but he still needed to get his VM image off of the old machine. He eventually managed to do this but not without a lot of heartache. A lost day for us unfortunately, he would have spent the majority of the day reconfiguring his new machine anyway.

As mentioned in the first post, the actual proposition for this project is still unclear (hopefully it will be by the end of the week.) and this is starting to mean that the designer is struggling to find stuff to do. She has been working on a prototype up until now using a tool called Axure. Axure is a rapid prototyping tool and has proved very successful so far. Our developer has managed to design a framework that will allow the output to be used directly in the application by coupling the two with a data dictionary and a little utility that he has written.

The Product Owner has started meeting with the business and is expanding on the Product Backlog, I’m hopeful that we should clear the backlog of stuff that is still more of an Epic than a Story before the end of the week allowing the team to then estimate on the items in the list.


2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. […] I mentioned that we were using the Axure prototyping tool the other day. I had actually contacted their sales department about something and was surprised that when I got a response they mentioned that they had seen my post in which I referred to the tool. […]

  2. […] The reason I think it is interesting is that the article suggests that for any v1.0 software build, 3 is the Magic Number when considering team size. They suggest that the team is comprised of a Developer, a Designer and what they call a Sweeper. The delivery team on this Skunkworks project started out with 3 members (excluding myself), a Developer, a Designer and a Researcher / Analyst. We have subsequently bolstered the team with another Developer though. The Developers here typically do the integration work once the designs have been finalised and developed as HTML by the Design Team so will carry out the Sweeper role, of course, with the new toolset from Microsoft, Expression, this role may be reversed somewhat with the Designers developing UIs in the same project as the Developers in future. In the meantime and as I have previously mentioned, we’re using a combination of Axure, a prototyping tool and a command line utility written by our Developer to minimise the amount of integration work we have to do, of course, when the designs are finalised we’ll be producing the pages in the standard way. […]

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